Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat Planet: Cat Planet. . . catplanetcatplanetcatplanetcatplanet

It doesn't get much more poverty than free. If Cat Planet is anything, it is free. . . and a planet. . . and cats. I originally discovered this game through a friend passing a me a link to this video. It is quite disturbing, as a man clearly having lost his mind, stumbles through Cat Planet and collects cats. The weirdness of the video and the simplicity of the game encouraged me to go find the game and play it.

The first thing I noticed upon loading the game was the music. It is quite catchy, and the different songs for the different areas of the game are all quite nice in the same minimalist way the entire game is. The experience of playing Cat Planet is generally pleasant, if not particularly engaging. Left and right move you in the corresponding direction, while up and down control the amount of lift you get from flapping your wings, which is done by pressing pretty much any other key on the keyboard.

You fly around and make contact with cats, at which point they start talking, glowing, and spinning. If you make contact with all the cats in the various areas, it opens up the final area, which has some relatively difficult screens to get through. It is your basic “spikes and enemies everywhere” sort of final level, but it isn't too stressful because you can die as much as you want and you just get set back to where you entered the screen.

Once you make contact with all of the cats a get past all of the obstacles in the final area, you are treated to what is perhaps the fasted credit roll ever. No I didn't get a screenshot of that, my reflexes aren't that good. Hopefully I've made you curious enough to go and experience this game for yourself, and lucky for you, I've got the link. Of course, if you just want to play good free games, something like Cave Story is probably more worth your time.

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