Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pin Bot and my childhood.

For my first post on this blog HawkeM suggested I write about this mythical game I had spoke of for years when discussing games of a time long gone by. My stories of my parents obsession with the game, in part helped him to decide to purchase this oldie for a measly $2(or as I like to think).

Rare certainly has made a breadth of games eh?

This is a screen I had seen many a time in my childhood, there were uncountable numbers of nights I would sit idly by and watch my parents play this game for hours on end. Whether it was on the main color tv in the living room or the small black and white tv in my older sister's room, it was always the same routine.

Parents would sit huddled around the telly with cigarettes hanging out of the corner of their mouthes, smoke filling the air, the sometimes mono-chromatic titular character would speak and sound like a general robotic asshole(thanks to Stev for refreshing my memory on that one). I remember being transfixed by this and always wanting to play. When I finally got around to playing it, my first ball went straight down and it was a wrap for that, not being good at pinball games at a young age, I then decided I would continue to observe rather than participate

Motorola wat?
I would have to say though, the most memorable time I recall about this game was the time my parents stole a copy from the video store... So, my parents really enjoyed this game, so much so in fact, that they took our mario/duck hunt hybrid cart, removed the sticker from that and swapped it with the Pin Bot sticker/cart before returning it to the video store(They also did this with the gray cart version of Zelda 1). This has always remained with me a testament to how much my parents did and still do enjoy pinball games, and its pretty cool, cause this for being as not widely known(least to my knowledge), it was one of the 3 games(this Mario(when we I had it >.>) and Legend of Zelda 1) that really opened my eyes and birthed the gamer writing this sad excuse for a blog post.

This is for all you robot fetishists out there.

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