Monday, April 25, 2011

Drill Dozer: Another Reason To Love GBA

GameStop is currently getting rid of their GBA stuff, so they are selling their stock of used games with a buy two, get two free deal. I don't usually like buying things from GameStop because of all their pre-order nonsense, but right now it is a good place to pick up some great GBA games on the cheap. I got four games for just over ten bucks, and none of them are shit. One game that I got was the flagrantly unique Drill Dozer by Game Freak. You may know Game Freak as the company that develops the main Pokémon series, and Drill Dozer is actually one of the few non-Pokémon games that they have made since the original games.

The first, and pretty much only, time I had ever heard of this game was a glowing review, or maybe it wasn't a review, by Egoraptor on his website or something like that. I just remember the gist of what he said about it: that it was fun and had great art. Having now played it, I can see what he liked about it. The sprites are well drawn and animated, have a lot of personality, and a whole lot of color. The game is just really great looking, and is a prime example of why 2D games are great.

Drill Dozer is one of those games that has a oddball primary mechanic, and then it builds around it in interesting ways. As you may have guessed, the mechanic in this is drilling. If the game retained its Japanese title, Screw Breaker, you may have guessed something else entirely. The game constantly throws different things at you for you to drill. It's just a really well designed action/platform game. Oh, and it has a special cartridge that rumbles, just to make sure you know you're drilling, I guess.

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