Friday, April 29, 2011

Predator 2: Worth A Rental

I don't remember the Predator 2 movie, and based on the fact only the first film is ever replayed on classic film channels, I think nobody else wants to. It doesn't really matter though, because I'm here to write about the Predator 2 game for Genesis. It was developed by a company known as Teeny Weeny Games, and fact they thought that was a good name for a company and that they also made the abysmal Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is why I am glad they are out of business. At least this game is slightly less completely unlikely than Adamantium Rage.

My first experience with this game was playing it at the house of a childhood friend. I think it is actually his copy that I am in possession of now, but it appears that his copy was actually Blockbuster Video's copy, but that's not my problem. The only thing I remember of the game from playing it back then was that there were hostages, and if you didn't get to them in time, they would explode. Going back to the game now, it is still the only memorable part of the game.

Gotta love digitized photos.
When I was a kid, I hadn't actually seen any Predator  movies, so I didn't know that when the hostages exploded they were actually being killed by the Predator. I just knew that if those three red dots reached the tied up guys, they were screwed. It doesn't help that, as far as I ever got in the game, I never saw the Predator. I don't know if he was cloaked, or just sniping from off-screen, but the only way I knew what he looked like was from the picture on the cartridge's label. A speedrun on Youtube confirms that he was the last boss, which is good because I'd never have gotten to him myself. The game feels more like an isometric version of NARC than a Predator game. Then again, a bunch of Alien Vs. Predator games were beat'em ups, so stuff just didn't have to make sense in the 90's.

The game is pretty bland. You run around shooting drug dealers and saving hostages so that you can move on to the next area where you do the same thing again. Honestly, if you replaced the gang bangers with dinosaurs and the hostages with eggs it would be the same basic game as the SNES Jurassic Park game. JP could have used more eyeballs flying at the screen, that sold games pretty well back then.

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