Friday, May 20, 2011

Vegas Stakes: Classy SNES Gambling

When I was a kid and wanted games for the SNES, my parents got me a copy Vegas Stakes, I would guess because they have always been thrifty. I don't recall ever having an interest in gambling, but I did rent Caesar's Palace for Genesis at some point, and I enjoyed that, so I guess it's a gift that makes sense. Apparently this HAL Laboratory game was actually a sequel to an NES game called Vegas Dream, which I had not heard of before today. This game is a bit odd, but it has some interesting features and it is a solid gambling game.


The strangest thing about Vegas Stakes is the “Vegas Adventure” mode, which is a story mode where you go to Vegas with a thousand dollars and you need to leave with ten million. If you blow all of your money, then it is game over. It's weird that it asks you your name, and you choose between four companions to basically give you the text of the game's story. You had the choice between two douchey looking guys, a black woman that looks like an uptight school teacher, and a hot chick named Maria. Of course I always picked Maria.

Another weird thing is the game asks you what your dream is, and you enter in text, for reasons unknown until after you beat the game and see the credits. I would always enter “have sex with Maria,” which seemed like the cool thing to do when I was ten or whatever. So, after I am already a millionaire, and I've conquered all of the casinos in Las Vegas, the credits roll and at the end it says “You will have sex with Maria!”

This makes Vegas Stakes the game with the best game ever, because after you knew how this worked, the ending could be whatever you want. I guess they expected the player to enter “buy a yacht” or something like that, but if you wanted, your ending could be “You will be convicted of rape!” I don't really have anything to say about the actual gambling part of the game, but I assure you it is fine, though in the age of save states the temptation to cheat is just too great for me

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