Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wolfchild: A Werewolf With Laser Fists

Wolfchild is an action platform game by Core Designs. They are most known as the original developers of the Tomb Raider series, but before that they made games like this and Chuck Rock. It was originally released on the Amiga, but was ported to all the major consoles of the early nineties. The version I played was the one for SNES. It's a pretty unremarkable game mechanically, but it is memorable for the odd core mechanic and hilarious art design.

The Wolf Ship?
In Wolfchild you play as some sort of werewolfish guy. Normally you are a goofy 90's Fabio-type dude with silver hair and leather pants and a vest with no shirt, but when you pick up some sort of item, you turn into an anthropomorphic wolfman that shoots hand lasers. What? You didn't know werewolfs shoot hand lasers? Well they do, and based on Castlevania some of them also know kung fu. Generally I would say being able to turn into a laser wolfman would make you too powerful, but you aren't killing just soldiers, but animal/human hybrid soldiers. Still, some ugly pig soldiers just aren't a match for a handsome wolf dude.

The bosses are a bit more classy than pig men. The first boss is a bird man hat appears to have also been a handsome, vest-only, Fabio-type guy. He flies around, drops bombs, and shoots fireballs at you, as you might expect from a boss. I didn't have the hear to keep playing, but I like to imagine that all of the bosses are big nordic dudes turned into various animals. It's just really funny to me for some reason. Like, this game was some sort of inspiration to Twilight or something.

Anyway, Wolfchild is bland and not very fun. I only derived joy out of its weirdness. I can't help but compare the game to Altered Beast, and while it is a technically better game, my nostalgia for the superior weirdness of Altered Beast makes me like that more.

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