Thursday, December 15, 2011

Poverty Haul 12/15/2011

Today I was out shopping for the holidays, and I figured that, since I was out, I should hit up some of the usual spots in search of poverty games. I was in the same plaza as a Game Stop, so I went there first, but it was a waste of time as usual. There was some Friends trivia game for PS2 for a couple of bucks, and I probably could have been talked into purchasing it if I were out with friends, but since I was alone I walked away from it. Maybe another day. Next, I went to my preferred local used game store, Game On, which generally has games in pretty good condition for a reasonable price. They hadn't had a new influx of SNES or NES game in a while, so I was pleased to see that they had restocked a bit. I picked up Pit Fighter for the former because it is awful and StarTropics for the latter because I know people that like it.

Ever since I had started going there, they have always had all the PS1 games behind glass, and because there was quite a bit of stuff there it was tough to browse, but now they've moved out most of the crappier PS1 games to easily accessible shelving and only kept the games that are worth a shit behind the glass. It was here that I found a copy of the early 3D fighter Vs. From there I picked out three Game Boy games from the tub. I chose Perfect Dark for GBC because I forgot it existed, Heiankyo Alien because it has a weird name and label, and my personal favorite a mystery game. The employees always kindly offer to test it to see what it is, but I always tell them that would ruin the fun. Look forward to a future post in which the identity of the game is revealed. Hopefully it isn't just Tetris or something.

The total was around twenty bucks. From there I went to the nearby Goodwill, that always seems to have something bizarre to find. Today I found a the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for thirty dollars, but I left it there because I just don't care about the game. More to my liking is the Game Boy-shaped Game Boy travel case. Back before I had a Game Boy to call my own, my friend that did have one also had this case, so I am all nostalgic about it. For two bucks I couldn't say no. The section that usually contains video games was mostly picked clean, with only the games that blended in well with the CD's and a couple of SNES games to be found. I didn't need another copy of Donkey Kong Country, but I would pay sixty-nine cents for Star Fox just to have a picture of the silly Fox puppet on the label, let alone for the game. Not a bad day overall.

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